Proofreading is essential these days.

The world runs on writing. Business, education, and entertainment have shared the same links for centuries: words and numbers. And the wrong words or the wrong numbers can ruin your writing.

Sometimes, your own editing is not enough. Computers are never enough. An app or an AI cannot spot everything. You need a human to look at your work. Not just any human, though—you need a human who cares about your words and your data.

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I care, because I’m a writer, too.

I’m M. Neely, and I’ve been the proofreader an award-winning weekly news publication depends on for perfect words for over five years. I’ve been proofreading for myself for even longer.

I am dedicated, I am meticulous, and I am in love with the glorious hodgepodge of a language that is English.

Whether it’s documents or data, web copy, novels, short stories, poetry, blog posts, or something in between or beyond, I can help you strengthen your words and produce wonderful writing.

Let’s work together to make your words better, shall we?

But I’m not looking to hire a proofreader! I want to know how to proofread my own writing!

That’s okay! I want to help you improve your writing, too. There’s a place for you here, because I believe in one thing above all:

I believe that words matter.

Words matter. Writing matters. Your writing matters. And I want to help you make your words shine, too, even if I’m not doing it hands-on.

I have a blog where I share tips on writing, editing, and proofreading. If that’s something you’re interested in, go take a look. I hope I can help you power-up your prose and win at writing wonderful words.

Welcome to my humble little corner of the internet. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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